W E   P U T   T H E   H E A R T   I N   A M E R I C A N   H E A R T   A S S O C I A T I O N

The American Heart Association trusts Monster Design as their branding partner. We have rebranded and evolved their longstanding brands to make them relevant in todays competitive marketplace.


H E A R T   C H E C K   M A R K

The American Heart Association’s Heart Check Mark logo has been in the marketplace for many years, however, the usage on consumer products faced a challenge. Various licensees used the Heart Check Mark in ways that degraded the mark’s integrity. Monster Design was brought in to evolve the logo and restore its integrity throughout the marketplace. The result is a Heart Check Mark that can be applied to a wide variety if products while making a strong statement for their strategic alliances.

“After extensive creative review, we chose Monster Design as our creative partner because they have the ability to interpret each project and create the perfect solution uniquely suited for that brand’s initiative.”


H O O P S   F O R   H E A R T

Hoops for Heart, a program that engages youth to play basketball as a means to stay fit, was in dire need of a brand overhaul. Monster Design created a logo that is not only modern but also aligns well with the overarching American Heart Association brand.

J U M P   R O P E   F O R   H E A R T

Geared towards a younger audience, Jump Rope for Heart, appeals to today’s kids.

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