A close-up image of the Outside Garden logo printed on letterhead
An image of an ad for Outside Garden that reads "Admit it, You've Got Yard of the Moth Goas"
An image of an ad for Outside Garden that reads "When We're Done You'll Say, Eat Your Heart Out Martha"
An image of stationery design for Outside Garden
An image of the yard sign for Outside Garden that reads "Making Neighbors Envious One Yard at a Time"
An image of a young man drinking from a water hose with an Outside Garden hat on
An image of Outside Garden's work truck with colorful graphics
Outside Garden
Brand Design

Outside Garden

The team at Outside Garden asked us to create an identity that would grab your attention as you’re out and about in the city. Whether you’re looking to beautify your home or business the experienced designers, horticulturists, garden professionals, specialty contractors, and artisans at Outside Garden have the knowledge to bring your garden to life. This identity reflects their vibrant, colorful installations.