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At Monster Design, our success is deeply rooted in the unique and diverse stories of our team members. Our individual stories and experiences directly influence the innovative creations we bring to life. We keep our door wide open to fresh perspectives and diverse experiences, fostering an environment where we not only celebrate but also reflect the ever-evolving cultural landscape around us. Join us in a collaborative space that values diversity and creativity, as we continue to shape designs that resonate.

Our Services


We gather consumer insights from strategic marketing partnerships to develop an enduring, future-proof approach. This results in a creative product that helps our clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Our Team enjoys solving complex marketing challenges with thoughtful creative solutions. From logo development to ad campaigns, we create highly engaging properties that are rooted in strategic insight and packaged in beautiful workmanship.

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Advertising is the art and science of crafting compelling messages to promote products, services, or brands and capture the attention of a target audience. It involves strategic planning and creative execution. 

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Website Design

We dig everything digital. With complex websites, email and digital ad campaigns, e-commerce solutions, social media, and full-scale digital launches alike, we understand the landscape from back to frontend and will accept nothing short of pixel perfection.

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Collateral Design

Whether it’s crafting intricate brochures or designing engaging sales kits, we navigate the print realm with finesse. From seamlessly integrating captivating narratives into printed materials to ensuring a cohesive brand story across diverse materials. Collateral design is our playground.

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Package Design

Package design is a blend of artistry and functionality. It’s the first impression, the tactile experience, and the visual narrative that captures consumers’ attention. Package design is the allure that transforms a product into a compelling story waiting to be uncovered.

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Meet The Team

Paul Munsterman

Executive Creative Director
A portrait of Lisa Haayen

Lisa Haayen

A portrait of Joan Buccola

Joan Buccola

Production Manager

Mike Bell

Lead Web Developer
A portrait of Brandon McGee

Brandon McGee

Web Insights

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