We don’t design monsters, we create monstrous marketing solutions. Our solutions are charged with concept, creativity, energy and always strategically focused. We strive to accurately convey brand identity and increase market share through integrated strategy and creative vision. We combine creativity and technology to communicate across all forms of media, from print to the internet and everything in between.



Paul Munsterman founded Monster Design, Inc. in 1995 with the belief that a better working environment creates better work. Monster Design’s a place where people enjoy working as a team while loving what they do. It is imperative to never settle on one style at Monster Design, but continually promote the creative evolution of our company and our clients.

At Monster Design, we pride ourselves on providing personal attention and building long-term relationships. In doing so, each project is evaluated on an individual basis with the same intense, investigative scrutiny to foster great ideas. Collaborating with our clients accelerates the creative process while promoting strategic and accurate solutions each client anticipates.





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